Friday, November 8, 2013

The BEST Weekend Ever - Part Two

So part 2 of our incredible weekend was the beautiful marriage of Tania Wilson to Scott Field. I felt so priviledged to be part of the celebration - even though I never got an official invitation in the mail...shhhh no-one knew..
Our day started much like the previous one...breakfast at Enzo's overlooking the beach - amazing. We decided that seeing as we had a pool at the resort that we needed to go swimming, and I didn't have togs so off we trotted in search of togs. I found this lovely pair at Millers and we hit the pool.
 new halter style togs
Anita, Lizzie and Me in the pool - Tracey behind the camera.
Anita and I went back early to start beautifying ourselves. We had both decided to do our own hair and left more time than the previous afternoon to get ready.

 Before make up and hair...
 My awesome $3 dress from the local Anglican Bizarre!
 Rollers and curling irons!!
 This chick is AWESOME!!
 Me and Lizzie

The wedding was just beautiful!!


 And the reception was fantastic!!

Thanks to my amazing roomies Anita, Lizzie and Tracey for an unforgettable weekend!!

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