Kate Beck (aka Coco Girl)'s Operation Yellow Dress

I've been a long time stalker reader of Kate Beck's awesome blog COCO BUTTER. Only in recent months did I make contact with Kate and to my intense surprise and pleasure we have TONS in common and are becoming great friends.

Kate and I when we had lunch and met in person for the first time!
A while ago, I was so impressed with Kate's operation Yellow dress (check out the link on her blog) that I decided to attempt my own. The idea is to pick an item of clothes you can't currently fit into, then each week you take a photo showing you progressively getting closer and closer to fitting into it.
I LOVE THIS IDEA!! I love anything that spurs me on and helps me stay on track.
Current/Incomplete Clothing Operations!
Operation Brown Dress / Operation size 18 Emmerson 3/4 Jeans - currently on hold...will get back to it soon.

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