Sunday, June 28, 2015

Newcastle Colour Run

Ok so I'm the world's slackest blogger, I'm not apologizing for it anymore.  I lead a very busy life and I always forget!

This weekend for my week 8 milestone challenge I did my second ever colour run...and I walked it. I know I could have run but the group I was with weren't able to run so I opted to be part of the group instead.

I paid extra for a pink pack and got green glasses which really annoyed me so I bought funky earrings and glasses from the cheap shop!

This year we didn't stay overnight in Newcastle, instead I drove down or was driven down by my work buddy Kerryanne and two of her friends. It was an early start (5am) so I had a snooze in the car on the way back. 

We drove to kotata shopping centre found a toilet and coffee then headed for the free buses leaving from the centre.

We were already having heaps of fun despite the cold.

A piccie of the four of us, me in my rainbow half tutu and my 30+ crew jumper!

The course was much the same as last year but with the addition of a 'snow zone' which was bubble machines. I kept my phone safe and dry but I'll post photos Tash took when I get copies off her camera. 

And after, covered in colour and laughing - so much fun!

Tash and I in the colour party!

Can't wait for next year!

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