Friday, January 31, 2014

An update on my running!

Another blog post from my time away!
My running goal for my holiday was to run without stopping to the dam wall at my parents property. I managed to do it the first go - 2.5kms without stopping.
So I had to re-evaluate..
My new goal is to run 5kms without stopping before leaving the farm...
I started by running every morning before breakfast. Some days Marko ran with me but most days I went on my own.
Post run with Marko.

 Each day I ran a little further until today....I ran 5kms....on Christmas day, in my Christmas running gear!!!
Christmas running tutu!

 So I guess my next goal should be 10kms....can't wait!

New Undies and a warning about running!

Due to my lack of internet service this post is coming to you way later than first intended! I wrote this while on holidays before Christmas.


First things first.

It's a sad but exciting state of affairs when your underwear starts to migrate south without assistance and without the elastic losing it's strength. Seriously, the joys of weight loss! Buying new underwear has become a joy - however I'm not at my goal weight do while I want nice undies I don't want to pay much cause who knows when they too will start migrating south!

On Friday I went to buy new shapewear for Meagan's wedding and decided to buy new undies after Marko pointed out that my others have holes and they whole migrating south issue.

Browsing in big w there wasn't much I liked but scored when I found a rack of plain black undies with a nice bit of lace at the waist band. I excitedly looked for my size but there was only the next size down - the 14-16. Positive they wouldn't fit I grabbed a pair to try on seeing as I had to try shapewear on too.

How thrilled am I to be the very happy owner of size 14/16 undies.

LOVE IT!!! And had to share.

Ok, secondly, the warning about running. If you dislike reading blogs that are blatantly honest about personal stuff, you might like to skip the rest of this post....hehehe

Running is hard. This I already knew. It takes hard work and persistence to run further and faster each day...I'm good with that. I've been working hard going further each day and I'll post more on this later..

What I didn't know was this...

Its not a good idea to run while wearing pads.

I would go so far as to say don't run while wearing pads. Yep, you heard me don't do it! Of course I learned by experience, this week at the farm I have my period and I've been determined to continue my running. Today I made the grave mistake of doing my run wearing a pad. And the result? Pain, serious pain - the pad chaffed while I ran and rubbed my skin raw.

So take my advice and use an alternative product while running! I know I will from now on!