Friday, January 31, 2014

An update on my running!

Another blog post from my time away!
My running goal for my holiday was to run without stopping to the dam wall at my parents property. I managed to do it the first go - 2.5kms without stopping.
So I had to re-evaluate..
My new goal is to run 5kms without stopping before leaving the farm...
I started by running every morning before breakfast. Some days Marko ran with me but most days I went on my own.
Post run with Marko.

 Each day I ran a little further until today....I ran 5kms....on Christmas day, in my Christmas running gear!!!
Christmas running tutu!

 So I guess my next goal should be 10kms....can't wait!

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  1. Well done Em. That Christmas running outfit is adorable. You might set a trend.