Monday, May 4, 2015

12WBT February Round 2015 - wrap up

In typical Emily style, I started out well blogging last round, but then I let it here's the fast forward version of my first round 'back in the saddle'!

I thoroughly enjoyed the #randomactsofexercise so much in fact that I made my own shirt in case we do it again (planning on hitting Cathy up to do another one). It was heaps of fun exercising in places I don't normally and having it filmed on my phone!

I did pretty well this round, losing a total of 9.1kgs. I forgot to do my final weigh in prior to the last night and so officially I lost 10.1 but I know I put on 1kg in the last week. 

This round also saw me participate in my first ever MUD challenge - Miss Muddy - with Debbie and her gorgeous girls! Don't I look confident! HA!

I was super excited to catch up with the beautiful Hayley and meet gorgeous Imogen for the first time while at the central coast for Miss Muddy!

Our clean BEFORE photos:

Yep, we bought team shirts...such nerds!!

AANNNDDD.......our AFTER photos:

I was a bit, well a lot excited to get my photo with some of the crew!!

And I got some cool Miss Muddy stuff, including a MEDAL! MY FIRST EVER!!!

 In the week after Miss Muddy, I got the running/jogging bug again and this was the result. A very nasty blister on the arch of my left foot which put me out of action for more than a week! It was sooo painful. But I concentrated on my food and didn't gain that week!

My unofficial end of the round photo - without the magazine and not in my undies...but 9.1kgs down!

 Week 1                                                            Week 12

One of my favourite parts of the round was getting back into Saturday SSS workouts with Debbie and rewarding ourselves with a coffee afterwards!! So delish and best company!!

So today marks the start of the May round. I've half done my preseason tasks, I'm spending 4 days in Toowoomba this week helping my brother furnish his new unit, then end of week 2 we are moving house....exciting but I've got to plan, plan, plan!!! Eating out the freezer before defrosting it while staying on track is proving a challenge but not impossible!! So here's to a new round which will hopefully see me smash out another 10kgs!!