Monday, November 4, 2013

The BEST Weekend EVER!!!! (part 1)

Yes when I say this was the BEST weekend EVER, I do mean it...with the exception of the weekend I got married of course, but that goes without saying. So here is how it all unfolded.
I was supremely lucky to get a ticket to a VERY special cocktail party in Hervey Bay Queensland. One of the best parts of the weekend was seeing my Roma girls...
I got a very early start to get to Newcastle Airport in time for my 8am flight. The very beautiful and funny Anita picked me up at Brisbane Airport and we drove the four hours to Hervey Bay. This was our first time meeting in real life!!! We checked into our fabulous cabin - home for night 1 and chilled before going for ice-cream.

Me and Anita at Brisbane Airport!

Anita and I in our cabin..

The view while we ate our icecream

Our super delicious ice-cream!
We then went to a local hairdressers to get my eyebrows deforested, and Anita had her eyebrows and lashes tinted...and then Leander and Lizzy arrived!!! These girls were part of my awesome support team in Roma. They were instrumental in my success with 12WBT while living in Roma without my hubbie.

Me and Lizzy!

Me and Leander

By this stage I was thoroughly exhausted but we all went out for dinner, these two were particularly!

Then we drove to the RSL where the very famous surprise guest was due for a luncheon on Friday and we pretended to be sleeping out waiting for her, outside....

and on the stairs inside.....

It was sooo much fun! The three of us then jumped back in Anita's car and I grabbed this hilarious photo out of the sunroof...the crazy things we do when we are with our friends!!

Friday morning arrived and we decided to go shopping...actually this might have been Thursday, I forget. In any case these two took a million photos in funny hats and we all played with the lovely fascinators in Target!

Anita and Lizzy

Their new road trip hats!

Just gorgeous isn't she!

 Pink fascinators.....
 All in the same style fascinators but different colours...
 In bright coloured fascinators...
In crazy flashing eyewear that nearly sent us into fits....of laughter!!!

Ok this is definitely Friday morning - after Anita spray-tanned me and Lizzy decided to pick the toilet paper off my feet....see I had to stand on it so the soles of my feet didn't end up orange...but they did anyhow...waste of time...

Enzo's on the beach for breakfast on Friday morning (we went back there on Saturday morning too)!! Just pure bliss!
 With my girls enjoying the view and our breakfast!
 My delicious coffee
Comparing our spray tans with Lizzy's lilly white skin!

 Fun at Leander and Tania's room
 Me, Lizzie, Anita, Leander
After helping Leander wrap presents for Tania and Scott's wedding on Saturday, we headed to our new accommodation and met Tracy for the first time. We quickly got settled and started showering, primping and getting glamorous for the cocktail party!
 Anita, Tracy, Lizzie and Me!
 Me and Lizzie at the Cocktail party
 Me and Leander at the Cocktail Party
And then finally the moment we had travelled so far for arrived. Our guest appeared - MICHELLE BRIDGES - in the flesh in front of me... Mish was interviewed by some chickie and we thoroughly enjoyed the answers she gave, particularly the story about the agent who refused to sign her because she was a woman and how she decided then that she would succeed and that he'd regret turning her down. She was funny and well spoken and a delight to listen too. I was so excited I could barely stand still!!!

After her interview Mish had a short break and then we had the opportunity to meet her for REAL and talk to her. We were only supposed to get about 3 mins but Mish talked to some people for longer allowing them to chat properly which was lovely, but it did mean that a couple of gorgeous women missed out...didn't know that at the time...sad for them, but I think perhaps they'd met her at the luncheon.


I really didn't think it would overwhelm me the way it did, to be standing in front of the woman who has given me the tools to change my life, who rants at me in my head when I want to quit a hard workout.

I had my camera in one hand and my phone in the other......


As you can see from the photo below I was nearly in tears. Thank goodness the amazing Leander had it together and quickly snapped this one. Its my favourite photo - although it's blurry - because it captures that emotion so beautifully.


I had the chance to thank Michelle for giving me the tools to change my life through the 12WBT program. I showed her this picture of what I was like in 2011 and she told me "You are there". I laughed and said "I'm not there yet, I have more to lose and I know I can do it with your program". She was warm, genuine and just lovely. AND she signed my phone!!!
Me with Becc's Charlie in 2011

My phone!


  1. Oh Em. I am crying reading this post. I can't believe that photo from 2011. I would never have said you were that big. I expect that moment with Michelle will be burnt onto your brain for a long time to come. Who knows, Michelle may use you as part of her advertising program. Hugs. Debra

    1. Oh thank you so much Deb! Love you heaps!