Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Habits are funny things. We don't even really notice doing them, I guess that's how we know it is a habit. Like throwing the chocolate bar onto the cash register at Woolies. I do it, then consciously ask myself 'Do I really want that? Or do I want to achieve my goals more?' then I put it back. Some habits are easier to break than others. Obviously, food habits are the bane of my existence and the ones I really struggle to change. Funny that...I've been doing it one way for 31 years and 3 years on I expect to have made lasting changes - HA!!! That's why this is a LIFETIME change for me...and I may have to consciously focus on it every day for the rest of my life, but you know's totally worth it.

On the topic of habits and them having crept back in while going through my recent turmoil (see previous posts) yesterday while checking facebook I saw the following status update on the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation page:

'If I came and lived with you for a week, what would be different about your habits? NOW GO MAKE THAT CHANGE!!! Xx'
Well, talk about a turning point. I stopped me in my tracks...well I was sitting at the time...but it metaphorically stopped me in my tracks.

I sat there in the work car (as you do) and thought to myself 'If Mish was really in my house she would kick my butt'. You know that look she gets on her face on 'The Biggest Loser' when someone is kidding themselves and she is disappointed or wants more out of them...that's the face I can see in my mind! The more  I thought about it the more I realised I've been fooling myself. It's the little things. Telling myself 'its ok, I'll walk this afternoon so I can sleep for another hour' but then I don't walk. Well it is time to stop and make the changes.

Here's the list!! These are the changes I'm making from right now!!

1. No more diet softdrink (I'm saying goodbye to my last one as I type).
2. Reduce coffee consumption to 1 and only 1 per day!
3. Stick to the 1200 calories - if not the food plan...adapt where necessary but stick to the 1200!
4. Blog my thoughts and feelings instead of eating them. Even if I've covered it before!
5. Exercise - simple! Go to Jo's Fit Pit with Debbie on Mondays and Thursdays plus other workouts.
6. Plan ahead and do some cookups (did my first one this arvo...broccoli soup in the freezer and four serves of the eggplant cous cous salad I love in the fridge).
7. Increase water consumption.
8. Watch the mindset videos!!
9. Put the non 12WBT foods into containers so Marko can still eat them but I can't see and want them.
10. Get a visual chart up showing my goals.

I'm sure I'll think of more but this is a damn good start. Now I just have to stick to it and that cranky face of Mish's that I'm seeing in my head will turn into a proud happy smile!! So now I'm off to make my reward chart!! I'm envisioning another list of rewards to help get me through!!

So, an hour or so later, here's my reward chart.

It will go like this, every day I meet that goal I get a sticker (if I can find small ones) or a tick. At the end of the week I'll put $1 for every sticker or tick into my clothes fund jar. At the end of the round I'll go spend it!!! Making up a cool jar is tomorrow nights job!


  1. Cool chart Em. Very crafty teacher inspired of you.
    Maybe you could use your teacher smiley stamp in the boxes.
    Cant wait to see the creative jar too.
    Keep it up.

  2. Ohh I love that chart, will you take my money and make me one too please?

    1. Yep I can make you one!! What goals do you want on yours? Do you want the same number of goals on it? And what colour background do you want?