Friday, November 15, 2013

Goals and rewards - week 1

It's well past time I set my goals for this round. I very cheekily skipped that preseason task because I wasn't ready to commit and knew anything I put in there I wouldn't be serious about. And I need to be serious about these goals...or I won't work for them. 
I've decided to have two sets of goals. Firstly will be the HABIT goals on my new chart (which I've started putting stickers on) and more specific ACHIEVEMENT goals. Make sense? Clear as mud? Below is my list of Habit Goals which appear on my reward chart.  
Habit Goals:
1.1200cals per day!
2. 2L water per day MINIMUM.
3. 1 coffee or less per day.
4. Exercise/train
6. Watch the mindset videos!
7. Go to bed before 10 - I was going to make it 9:30 but it's hard with daylight savings and my qlder friends.
With the exception of the mindset video - each goal can earn me up to 7 stickers per week - one for each day I meet that goal.

I have created a reward jar. For every sticker I'm going to put $1 in the jar. I can earn up to $43 per week which is up to $516 for the round - to spend on clothes. I'm not sure if this hold that much dosh...I'm not sure if I'll actually put the money in there or just tokens to represent the money. Will think more on it!!! Sunday is the night all the money/tokens go in!


cute huh!! I love it!
So down to the nitty gritty of this round.
My Round 4 - 2013 ACHIEVEMENT Goals are:

1. My weight loss goal is to lose 10kgs and crack into the 90's.
I want to be under 100kgs by Christmas and my 35th birthday. I know this is achievable but I think I'm scared of trying hard and not getting there - of failing. The other day this came up in my feed on facebook from Michelle Bridges 12 WBT:

"Guys, I want you to remember: don't compare your journey to someone else's. It's yours alone - so OWN IT! Xx"

I promptly shared it with the 30+ crew and my girls on our Wonder Women page. I really REALLY struggle with this and it drives me NUTS. I look at some of the amazing women I know of and stalk follow on facebook and wonder why I couldn't be as hardcore as them and be at my goal weight now. How could I let the emotions of the past few months cause me to gain during a round of this amazing program and really waste my money. The truth of the matter is I am me. I have serious food problems and what I know to be true about myself has always been "I'm the fat/big girl of the group" - that's always been my role. I recently re-read my Lightbulb Moment post and I know this is something I need to work on daily - hence the mindset video goal in the habits goals. I know food is my go-to crutch. So I need to put some plans in place to help deal with those crappy days when they happen - my bright pink sticker chart is a start - it makes me smile!!! Which leads me to goal number 2:

2. Do it like it's my first!
This round I'm aiming to compare as little as possible - technically this isn't an achievement but it will be for me. I've compared myself to others all my life. I'm trying to see everything as if its week 1 of my first round - so finally doing my fitness test, I didn't groan and cry over the fact that 6 months ago I could cream my current 1km trial doesn't matter I'm here now and I'm Doing it like it's my first!

3. Beat my personal bests!
This goal is SIMPLE! I want to beat my starting fitness test in week 4, then beat week 4 stats in week 8 and so on. There will be an associated chart and reward - undecided on the reward.

4. Hit the Fit Pit!
Jo in Denman runs a bootcamp 2 afternoons per week - Jo's Fit Pit. Monday arvo at 5pm and Thursday arvo at 5:30. I will attend as many as possible this round - 1 sticker per attendance = more money in my jar ;)

5. Run!
This is one of my very favourite P!NK songs right now. And yes it is now a goal. I am going to attempt do the Michelle Bridges Learn to Run program. I've officially changed over to that program and it's a little scary. To start with the aim is just to follow her program. The very amazing Kate found (here) said in her running interview (here) to be successful at exercise you have to do something that 'Takes your breath away". Well of all the moments in the gym that took my breath away it was when I cracked 5, 10,15, 20 and 25 mins of being able to run on the treadmill but I'm going to start again outside.

6. Operation Bridesmaid!
I'm going to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend Meagan on the 4th of January. When I tried on and ordered my dress I was at my lowest - when I first cracked into the 90s at 98.9kgs. I need to get back that low at least for the wedding! Totally doable!!!

7. Choose your own adventure - fun run!
At some point during my 3 weeks at Stanthorpe (mum and dad's farm) I will run from the house to the big dam up the back. NO idea how far that is...but my goal is to do it!

8. Operation Little White Dress!
Wear my white dress with the black embroidered flowers out for our Wedding Anniversary Dinner in Stanthorpe 30-12-13.

9.Run 5kms by 1st of February 2014!
So I want to be able to run 5kms without stopping. Goal 4 will hopefully lead to goal 5 if I'm committed and consistent!

10. Register for a fun run.
I want to do the Colour Run in Newcastle in 2014 and the Neon Run in Sydney in 2014 but the dates haven't been released yet. So I'll settle for registering for the events.

11. The Amazing Race - 12WBT style!
My friends in Hervey Bay did this earlier in the year and I'm going to set up my course and one for the Brissie mates who did the Biggest Loser style weighted-backpack-carry-up-a-mountain-challenge with me last round. Not sure how it will look or what the challenges will be or when we'll do it...but it's ON!!!

12. Operation Blue dress!
Debbie wore my GORGEOUS blue dress to finale and having seen it on her - my major goal is to get into it myself! This round or the next but it a BIG goal!!!

So, there you have it! 12 goals for 12 weeks.  Round 4 2013 Achievement and Habit goals...I see another reward chart in my future!!

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