Thursday, May 30, 2013

A momentous occasion

What an incredible ride Round 2 is turning out to be!!!
I finished round 1 at 105.2 and over the course of finale weekend went up to 106.5 - which I was completelty ok with. It was a celebration and I got it back off within the first week of round 2!! Yay me.

I have been at this a few years now and when people ask me what my goal weight is I always laugh and say I don't know I've always been overweight/fat/big. I brush off the question because I just....don't....know. I know that the picture in my head that I've always been huge is wrong. I understand that now, but I DO know for a FACT that I have been overweight since at least 16 years old. And since then I have been over 100kgs.
Every time I have tried to lose weight or diet I've always stopped before hitting that 100kg mark or going below and ALWAYS put it back on again. So literally for all the years I've been weighing myself I have never seen double digits on that display. In my post about my amazing light bulb moment I talked about how I think all these times I've sabotaged myself because I didn't know who I would be anymore if I wasn't the kind,funny,fat friend - they all went hand in hand.
I know better now...I'm working on believing differently to that but it will take some practice. I still see nice things in shops and just walk by without even thinking it might fit and it might look good.
Last week on Wednesday I got down to 101.4kgs the lightest I can remember being and I set my sights on cracking the 100kgs this week.
And here is what happened!!!!

I DID IT!!!! AND........


The change in my confidence and self believe is obvious to me. I feel like I grew a foot taller!
I feel like I can do ANYTHING!!!!


  1. Congratulations, those tears are for joy and no-one can take them away
    I'm happy dancing on your behalf!

  2. That is awesome Emily. I understand the tears. Well done, and you probably are a foot taller as you are walking with your head up and a huge smile on your face.