Friday, August 9, 2013

Round 2 wrap up

Round 2 started with a bang for me. I was soo determined and got some awesome results in the first few weeks. Things fell apart for me after my trip to Brisbane and I got really sick, went on holidays, fell pregnant, then had the horrific experience of having a miscarraige....full post about it on my main blog..Turkish Delights...

Round 2 Over and out....results - lost 5kgs. Not my goal but damn well better than putting on.

To help not allow myself to plunge into the 'eating my feelings abys' I have signed up for Round 3. I will continue on with operation brown skirt and operation 3/4 skinny girl jeans...perhaps with the addition of an operation blue is tiny and i'm not sure I'll EVER fit into it....but we'll see.

Let me just say that having a miscarraige after trying to fall pregnant for 3 1/2 years f***ing sucks. Just had to get that out there. I'm grief stricken, in constant pain, I'm angry and I cry constantly. Hopefully the structure of the program and getting stuck into it will help me to get through this time in my life.

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