Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kate Beck's (Coco Girl) Operation Yellow Dress

Tonight I was reading through my favourite 12WBT facebook groups and saw a post by Cathy Sheargold suggesting that we launch a Kate Beck's Operation Yellow Dress this round...on mass! The idea was started by Kate Beck aka Coco Girl on her blog. She owned a size 16 dress that she wanted to get back into. She started taking a picture each week to document her progress in getting back into THE YELLOW DRESS.

I decided that joining this challenge would be awesome but I don't have a dress to use. I am currently the smallest (yippee) that I have ever been as an adult. I am thinking about doing this with a skirt I own that Marko bought me when we first started dating. It's a size 16 and I have never worn it. Certainly a good place to start! I would like to do it with a dress as well but as I currently do not own a smaller dress this will have to do.

You can follow along with my own 'Operation Yellow Dress' here.


  1. This is a great idea! I just joined 12WBT this round and found your blog link in the forums. I have a pair of brown cord pants that I'd love to get back into. I should dig them out and do this!

    1. Absolutely!!! Join Operation yellow dress with me!!!