Thursday, December 5, 2013

Theme songs and radio advertising....

I love music. I love songs that inspire me and often find myself connecting so much with a song that I adopt it as my theme song.

For a while now my I've had two and I'm still loving them. If you watched my video then you'll already know they are 'Change your life' Little Mix and 'Roar' Katy Perry. I have a few reasons for having chosen these songs. Firstly, they just spoke to me when I heard them for the first time. I mean, why wouldn't they. What do I work on every single minute of every single day? Changing my life. This is NO FAD, this is NOT a phase I'm going through, this is NOT A DIET. So 'Change your life' was  a no brainer on the theme song front. The bit that got me in 'Roar' was the line 'you held me down, but I got up, get ready cause I've had enough' - that's exactly it. My weight has held me back all my life and I've had enough that is why I'm doing this.

Why all the talk of theme songs?

Well I think everyone should have at least one theme song. I also love 'Burn it down' Ricki-Lee and there was another with the line 'this girl is on fire' - I like it too.

So yes, I believe everyone needs a theme song.

For my work I spend an absurd amount of time driving and constantly listen to the popular radio station that regularly plays one of my songs 'Roar'. Sometimes I get organised an bring the cable for my iPhone to work so I can listen to a playlist, but this is very rare. But I think I'll be turning over a new leaf.

I haven't had the best two days work wise. A family I've been working with for a while that I've been planning on exit blew up like a fire cracker....I can't really go into it...privacy issues and what not but I have done exceptionally well and not reached for food to get through it. But today in the car, with the mindless advertising between songs which I usually ignore and plan work stuff during I realised I needed fuel. I pulled into a servo feeling pretty crap, got out and filled up. As I went in to pay I thought 'should have brought my wallet so I can get an iced coffee' WTF??? I don't drink iced coffee - it upsets my stomach and the results are NOT pleasant. Luckily I hadn't grabbed my purse so I didn't buy anything. I got back in the car a little perplexed but patted myself on the back for not caving, still not sure where the idea/craving had come from.

As I drove down the highway an ad came on for their 'road crew' advertising where they were and what the had in stock. I nearly stopped the car for fear of running of the road. I was furious, here this station was saying about a certain type of iced coffee that it would 'fix it'. My day needed fixing and my brain had obviously registered their ridiculous advertising and told me I needed an iced coffee to fix my day.

Well - no more radio. From tomorrow I'll be listening to my playlists instead and cranking up my theme songs or P!NK cause I LOVE P!NK.

It has just made me furious. I know that the advertising world has a lot to answer for in turning us into emotional eaters and I'm just glad I caught myself before purchasing something I didn't want and that I knew would make me sick.

End Rant....have an awesome Friday tomorrow and a fabulous weekend!!!

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