Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 4...well really week 5 update...

The delay in updating is solely due to my own slackness...I originally did my 'start' fitness test at the end of week 1, so it's only fitting that my week 4 fitness test was actually done in week 5...luckily the 12WBT site didn't scream and spit at me as I logged my details a week late....haha oh well.
So far this round I'm pretty happy with my progress. After my world fell apart in August I did put on weight and started this round at 108kgs. Not happy about that at all but I set the goal to do this round like it was my first. So, not too much looking back and being annoyed and definitely no beating myself up. I watched the live feed from Mish afterwards and she addressed this - she wanted to know if the lady who wrote in was enjoying beating herself up...and to get on with it and move on. Which is what my goal was this round anyway.
Week 1, 2, 3 and 4 I did well with my sticker chart...sticking to calories most days and when I didn't get a sticker I'd usually only gone over by a little. Doing awesomely with the water, not so great with sticking to one coffee, or the softdrink, mindset video, or getting to bed early. I've also been inconsistent with exercise.
I have lost weight. Focussing so much on my food and just exercising when I can has worked ok.  And as of week 4 I'd lost 3.8kgs.
Here's the sticker chart...I get $1 for every sticker...looking forward to some new clothes!
Another goal this round was to start the running program. I've already posted with great excitement about running 2.8kms on Tuesday in 28mins, well I followed it up with 3kms on Wednesday!
before the run - ready to go

it's impossible to take a clear photo and jog!!

Fitness test and measurement results:

 So I increased my pushups by 5, was able to reach 3cms further, did the 1km trial 28seconds faster, did the wall sit for an extra 17seconds and planked for 9seconds longer. Small gains but huge in my mind!

Measurements wise I have lost 1cm from my chest, 1cm from my waist, 3cm from my hips while my thigh and arm have remained the same. Not too bad its a 5cm loss over all. For week 8 measurements the goal is to beat that!!

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